Fresh & Saltwater Accessories and Decorations

Barrier Reef has all the accessories you need to make sure your tank is a showpiece. From tank ornaments, to imitation coral we have you covered. We carry all kinds of lighting options, including flourescent, metal halides and the latest in LED technology. We have all kinds of sumps and refugiums to house your macroalgae.  Want to propogate or frag your corals?  We can help get you setup. Need to cool your tank down or heat it up?  We have the right heater or chiller for your tank. Want to read up on how to make the best of your tank, or what species of fish you might like to keep next? We have a wide variety of books and magazines to help educate yourself.

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Aquatic Decor


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Accessories & Decor

Aquarium decorations and gravel are a great way to add flair and personality to your aquarium. Our aquarium tank decorations come in a plethora of styles, shapes and colors. Whether you’re trying to create a fantasy or looking for a more natural ambience, we have the accessories and decorations to fulfill your needs.

Aquarium Gravel

Gravel is not only functional but a great way to augment your aquarium theme. Typically you will only need just enough to cover the bottom of your tank, unless you’re using live plants in which case a deeper gravel level should be used.