Freshwater Fish

Our store also offers quality, healthy, freshwater fish for your tank. We stock a variety of species, and can help you determine what fish will be the best choice for your environment. We regularly stock African cichlids, all kinds of goldfish & koi, assorted glofish, bettas, mollies, platties, plecos, tetras, catfish, loaches and more.

Staff members can help you make sure you pick the very best fish to keep your tank balanced, healthy and beautiful. Stop by our store and talk to one of our experts about how you can make the very best of your water environment!

African Cichlids Goldfish KOI Bettas Mollies Plecos Tetras Catfish • Loaches

Wide Variety of In Stock Freshwater Species


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Freshwater Aquariums

Select from a wide range of in stock quality freshwater aquariums. Whether your a beginner searching for a great starter kit or an experienced novice we’ve got you covered! Come visit us and shop our large selection of freshwater aquarium fish tanks ranging from just a few gallons to hundreds of gallons.

Freshwater Conditioners & Treatments

Boca Raton Barrier Reef supplies, nutrition and supplements to help you create and maintain a successful freshwater fish tank. We carry thousands of popular and hard-to-find freshwater fish supplies and freshwater aquarium supplies from top brands like Red Sea, JBJ, Hydor and EcoTech Marine.